Lake County Detachment 801

Marine Corps League

How do I join?

Mission Statement of the Marine Corps League

​​​​1.  Download and complete our Application for Membership. 

2. Attend a meeting..check us out.  Bring your completed application.

3. Provide Proof of Service; you need 90 days of active duty service as a reservist.  Please provide a copy of your DD214.  You can get a copy here.

4.  Be sworn in.  Stand on the yellow footprints and take the oath.

​5.  Pay $40 first year dues ($35 thereafter) and purchase a red MCL cover.

Members of the Marine Corps League join together in camaraderie and fellowship for the purpose of preserving the traditions and promoting the interests of the United States Marine Corps, banding together those who are now serving in the United States Marine Corps and those who have been honorably discharged from that service that they may effectively promote the ideals of American freedom and democracy, voluntarily aiding and rendering assistance to all Marines, FMF Corpsman, FMF Navy Chaplains and veteran Marines, FMF Corpsman and FMF Navy Chaplains and to their widows and orphans; and to perpetuate the history of the United States Marine Corps and by fitting acts to observe the anniversaries of historic occasions of particular interest to Marines.

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